Styling Mock up for my Cinq

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Styling Mock up for my Cinq

What do you think to the euro-esque styling?

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Feb 11, 2006
Just done a quick photoshop of how i'd like my Cinq for the time being, now all i need is the money to make it happen lol(y)

Also a thanks to whom took this picture in the first place seeing as i've used your pic because im too lazy to buy some batteries for my camera!(y)


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uno_94 said:
well some of it is- like handles, side repeators and bonnet badge all smoothed, but rest? no, euro is tiny wide wheels (like minilites) not massive things like those.

There only 15's, and your tellin me Borbet rims aint euro.Those rims are definately wide at 7 n 8inches, it's jus how they are when edited on photoshop. I said euro-esque, I dont want a Cinq lookin like a golf mk1 or mk2, its almost too boxy.
punto_jr_sx75 said:
thats kinda the look i would be going for

:yeahthat: Except for the alloys.....................they don't look right at all IMO
The arches remind me of the saxo rally car, only better..

I like it!(y)