Technical MK2 cam belt help

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Technical MK2 cam belt help


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Sep 22, 2004
just wondered if anyone knew much on punto MK2 cam belt how many miles till it should be replaced etc...

my punto is on 65,000.....will it need doing soon :S
can a garage check it to see if it needs doing? if it goes is it to late and mucks the engine up straight away??
you can't tell from looking if it needs doing or not. But i would have replaced it at half that mileage.

What engine do you have? The 1242cc 8v engine wouldn't be harmed if the belt snapped (but it wouldnt work till you fixed it). The 16v engine could quite easily be pretty much destroyed if it snapped.
Get it changed asap, its a bit more fiddly on the 16v as well so if your not too confident then get a garage to do it.

Make sure they change the tentioner at the same time.
One the servicing schedule for my previous car, a 1.6 Brava it was recommended that the belt be inspected at 36K and replaced at 72K. However, If i was you I would make changing your belt a matter of high priority. Not so long ago there was a fella on here who's belt snapped as he was driving the car to the garage to get it changed !

If you drive your car in a 'spirited' manner or if it has been contaminated with oil, grease, etc, then at that milage you may be driving on borrowed time.....
they used to say 72k for mk2 16v but fiat revised that to 5 years or 60k if a belp snaps on the 16v when you driving say good bye to engine. will cost hundreds and hundreds to fix. would deff reccomend getting a camblet and tensioner put on.

8v mk2 engines if it snaps no damage is caused.
ok thanks people i will get it booked in. if it snaps i wont loose control or anything will i?
no, it'll just smash your pistons into the valves - buggering the engine.
well..... i had my 72,000 service done today and to get cam belt done but..... they rung me saying they couldnt do it as you need a special fiat tool to remove it!!! does thing mean i have to go to fiat and pay £330 for them to do it!!!????
just find a garage that have the tools, most will and belt+kit change on its own should be just under £100
When you say it won`t affect a mk2 8v, why is that. Would the same damage not occur?


Look forward to the reply