General Mk2 1.2l 8v exhaust replacement

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General Mk2 1.2l 8v exhaust replacement


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Nov 21, 2021
Hi guys! Im new here so i would like to get some Fiat experts view on something im wondering about

I have a 2005 fiat punto 1.2l 8v and i'm about to change the exhaust pipes since they have rust all over them.
Current exhaust pipe is fitted with a resonator in the middle and silencer in the rear

My question are:

Can i replace my current middle exhaust pipe with a straight pipe since theyre cheaper?

What kind of experience have people had with this change? More sound or vibrations?

Is the straight pipe more durable since it has no welds in the middle?

Is it legal to remove a resonator?

Is it better in any way to have the resonator?

Thank you in advance!
Jan 11, 2015
A rusty exhaust is normal if the car does not have stainless exhausts. So there is no reason to change it unless it is in danger of falling off.

I am guessing you will not get thru the annual check without the standard silencers and there are performance reasons to keep it perhaps.

They reckon there that an unmodified street legal car always performs better with the standard exhaust.

A thing worth checking is the small bracket that goes on the gearbox. Without that bracket the exhaust will tend to sag and it must stress something somewhere. The bracket has an odd angle, you can modify an off the shelf exhaust bracket without the angle and create the angle with long bolts and multiple nuts as spacers or you can get it quite cheaply from the fiat dealer.