Punto (Mk2/2b) Mk2 1.2 8v Puntoo (Pauline).




havent spent much, im gettin sporting alloys and spraying them black, HID's and then a abarth badge on the front and a boot spoiler, mods ive done are:

abarth side skirts
tinted back lights (Abit)
LED blue side lights
New Speakers
No BackBox cause im a doyle..
Cone Airfilter

wanting to do these other mods soon, probs get alloys done this weekend.
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any matey, got few things i wanna do, how much is it to get it lowered? like as cheap as possible?
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any matey, got few things i wanna do, how much is it to get it lowered? like as cheap as possible?

£70 for springs...then fit them yourself or pay £120 (£30 a spring) for fitting
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will do that then cheerss mate, wat are your headlights?
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they look unreal mate, are u the guy on ebay who makes them for like 30quid?
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ha they look mint mate, but i wudnt trust my self cutting the lense and i have no idea about it i felt class puttin my side lights in thats as far as my brains goes for things like that, body work no problem but wiring nope :p
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Or get some proper Angel headlights like mine :) Ive got a black 1.2 8v like yours i just want some CC bumpers now and im sorted until next year i pick my new alloys up thursday cant wait the Konig alloys finish on ebay tomorrow so hopefully the cars looking better :) just been lowered by 35mm


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Re: Mk2 1.2 8v Puntoo (Pauline)

wow, is it everybody post a pic of your car on somebody else's thread day?

in other news, i like the car, get more pics!
Re: Mk2 1.2 8v Puntoo (Pauline)

car looks good matey, i will once i get money, sporting alloys aree top of the list at the minute because im guna spray them matt black and ive just found out my car has a slipping clutch, so theres about 60quid on a clutch kit, and cheers bud il get some more pics on once i get spoils because the trims drag it down
Re: Mk2 1.2 8v Puntoo (Pauline)

You guys count yourself lucky that you can get colour coded bumpers... Seriously. (n)

Nice looking car, surprisingly enough there is nothing original about all those modifications but they all make it look good...

Nice name for a car too, I can bet £50 that most people on here call their car... Punto. (if a punto that is)

Keep us updated on any progress.
Re: Mk2 1.2 8v Puntoo (Pauline)

will do buddy, i need money reall to start doing like things such as alloys and that, like i havent spent more than 50quid on that car i got the skirts for 20quid from a fiat punto breaker and refurbed and put them on my self so was a deal, liking your car aswell looks in good condition, and i know u have to give the car a name its tradition :p
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decent arent theyyy, got myn for 5quid so cudnt go wrongg thinkking of spraying them blackk
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yeah, sound pretty good for cheapies. I got led's fitted into the plastic trims, wired to my sub and they pulse with the bass - looks well chavvy at night
Re: Mk2 1.2 8v Puntoo (Pauline)

bet that loooks mint mate! i av no idea wen it comes to wiring ha
Re: Mk2 1.2 8v Puntoo (Pauline)

got my sporting alloys today, guna spary them matt blackk, ill nack a picture on when im finished! also got some tinted repeaters like black ones, looking otu for some tinted rear lights? anyonee know of any been sold x
Re: Mk2 1.2 8v Puntoo (Pauline)

dont buy them, buy 1 can of tinting spray whip the lights off, coat them repeatedly until there as dark as you want them, job done