MK1 Panda 4wd

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MK1 Panda 4wd

Oct 1, 2017
Edinburgh Scotland
Just dropped Becky at Kenny Harrison's garage for her MOT. It's just past 8am and a nice sunny morning so it'll be a very pleasant half hour walk home. Just after leaving the garage, - about 8.10am - walking down Anderson Place, as I was just passing a large box van which was blocking my view of the road, I realized I was looking at the back of a light/mid grey MK1 Panda now about 25 yards past where I was walking which was sitting "high" - so I would assume it's a 4wd version - It disappeared away up in the direction of Blakes Metal Centre/Ferry Road. I didn't get a very good look at it but, from this distance it looked very tidy. Now wondering if it lives locally?