Technical mk 1 punto turbo oil pressure plz help !!!!

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Technical mk 1 punto turbo oil pressure plz help !!!!


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Oct 14, 2007
hi just recently bought a mk 1 punto turbo
if im right on the dash you have in this order
fuel,engine temp, revs, speed,turbo boost,oil pressure​

is it normal when im driving for the oil temp to be at number 3 does that mean its ok!!​

also when i stop the needle goes to about three quarters is that ok !!!
im just worried about the oil pressure
many thanks jay​
i know will do
its just i have not had it long
so dont know what the oil pressure is all about thanks​
ok im nothad much experience with the punto turbo but if the oils low then top it up lol

but maybe someone else knows about the turbo side
When driving and when the oil is cold, 3bar pressure is perfectly fine.

Once the oil is warmed, on idle it will drop to 2 bar.

So yes, that's perfect (y)
cheers mate
its good to ask people who now what they are doing and on about