Punto (Mk1) Mk 1 Punto new exhaust


Hi, Seeing as my cousin hasnt bothered his arse to get himself on here ( :mad: ) i have decided to post a couple of pictures up of what i got finished on it tonight for him. I took him to a sale about a month ago and he got this 5dr light blue S reg 60sx. I recently aquired a powerflow backbox and he decidied he wanted me to fit it to his car, but with a differnt tip (the old one was gay and looked like a vase) So he bought the tips he wanted and with a bit of modifying this was created. Hope you like :)





He's pleased with it, and i am fairly pleased too. What do you think??
Hopefully this will motivate him to join :p


(P.S. Ignore my cars surgery in the next operating theatre)
Wigton on the A596 bypass. if you're heading towards wigton its the last turn on your right before carlilse bridge ( flat sandstone bridge over a railway) called dockray hall, but im through in maryport every saturday night and sunday through the day. I can always pick the bumper up on the way past if you like. The main problem is paint is very expensive nowadays :( I use panel factors and find them a better match than halfords, but for teh decent kit and assuming yours is two pack, its about £40 for their kit of plastic primer, top coat and laquer (all lechler) and not too much less for the cellulose. If you have your paint code and name i can get a quote for a litre next time im in if you wish? or you can?

yeah sure, its 612/b 'stelvio verde' or maybe thats the interior colour, anyway, its a march 1998 car on an R plate, and apparently it makes a difference as my colour was for a 1996 car and was way off the mark.

would only need about 500ml wouldn't I?