Technical misfire.....B*****ks

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Technical misfire.....B*****ks


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Dec 23, 2005
hello folks

i am new to the fiat forum (and to fiats in general), so firstly without banging on too much i will give you a brief background why i am here. Already i found this site really usefull as i bought a green 899 s (1995) cinq in a car auction with 12 months MOT for £290, which i think is not a bad buy, BUT that is when the problem started (brakes.C.V joints, Rust, Wiper motors, and a bloody 12mm allen key!SUMP) i have grown to like this car alot (The Flying Pea) it is quirky to say the least, i have given it a full service, lovingly tidied all the body work everything was fine and dandy..... but i got in the car this morning the injector light came on and started to misfire at low revs, after a good thrashing down the bypass still continues to show light and misfire when idling, just wondered if any of you good people have experienced anything simuliar. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i do not want pay cornish garage prices....cheers.
Sounds sensor related to me, maybe a diagnostic check may be in order.

The more knowledgeable will be able to reply in the morning :)
The injector light signifies that a sensor has gone duff, now IIRC if it doesn't rev well at the top end it is the Lambda Sensor and if it does rev ok but still miss it is the MAP or indeed it could be one of the ignition coils.

Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Leon - could you be more specific i.e what revs it misfires at?, is there coolant loss? etc

it seems to only misfire on idling, it seems revs right through the range ok, but just the bottom end, its been running fine for a couple of months then this all of a sudden? ....which seems weird? seems to lose a little coolant but nothing serious...i think probably the best plan is to put it in for a diagnostic......or do you think this is wasted money?
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cornwallleon said:
i think probably the best plan is to put it in for a diagnostic......or do you think this is wasted money?

A diagnostic isnt a waste of time, it may uncover your problem from the results and also uncover smaller problems from developing
Everyone knows I don't do technical, but I have recently had the lambda sensor replaced on my cinq. If there is a bad egg type smell this may signify the lambda.

Have changed a few coil packs now and the symptoms have been 'chugging' or acceleration problems i.e. I have gone to overtake something and realised the car wasn't going with me. There was an obvious misfire too.

It's a welcome change me offering advice instead of asking for it!!!

Good luck!
i've an 899 as well, check that the vaccuum sensor is connected properly, that used give me trouble. the thin black hose running from next to the ecu to the front of the throttle body.