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Technical Mirror damage


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Nov 23, 2005
I thought things were going too well , I've had no warning lights for 3 weeks!

BUT, today I clipped nearside door mirror and broke black plastic surround, has anyone fitted one of these ?

The painted cover is ok, and the glass isnt broken just the edge of the black plastic mount
I clipped a stupid muppet who parked his car in middle of road facing wrong way, hazzard lights on etc.

Was in traffic and couldnt stop, looked quickly at my mirror and it was still there, just closed back against passenger window, pulled in and stopped and to my shock, the black fairing was missing. Walked quickly back along the path to other car, no sign of owner, no damage done to his and there beside busstop is my cover.

Whats this a i see tearing down road??? OH MY GOD its the bus... harrowing Indiana Jones rescue of said mirror cover ensues as bus screeches to a halt right where my cover had been lying.

Anyway back to parking lot in work and ive got my cover, quick test of motors and the mirror adjustment etc is working fine, however on closer inspection the cover has had three of its four mounting clips snapped off.

The back of the mirror is exposed, so ive reattached the cover temporarily but with its clips broken, it wont stay stuck on so ive tied a plastic bag around it.

Anyone know where i can get a cover for my mirror? the mirror is standard plastic black uncolored mirror cover. How much will one set me back?
Right, let's answer these two:

Since you have broken the black plastic framing, you will need a whole new mirror assembly. These can sometimes be found on ebay, such as this one. FIAT original ones are around the £120 mark. Obviously, you can keep your painted cover, and you'll get a new glass anyway; sometimes the magnification rates differ, so I'd put your original glass in so both sides match.

To fit it, the passenger side door trim will have to come off, as will the triangle holding the tweeter. Then it's 3 bolts, unclip the wiring, and fit. Quite straight forward really.

FIAT job here; they are only £14 for new ones :).
Got it changed, went to FIAT dealer and it cost 27 euro incl VAT which wasnt bad, 2 minutes to clip it on and its better than ever.

wouldve liked red ones, but i think i need to buy the whol mirror for that and at €146 from FIAT incl VAT just for a single black plastic mirror unit and electric cable connection that makes me think that a red one would cost a lot more.