Technical Mileometer has gone out????

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Technical Mileometer has gone out????


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Aug 17, 2005
The mileometer on my dash has stopped working!!! Is there any way to cheaply sort this? Is it usually a loose wire or is the whole dash binnacle gonna go pop on me soon??? :eek:
I've had a good look and you can still see the numbers, can I get a bulb from Halfords?
Where do I get a T1 bulb from??? I looked in Halfords and couldn't see one that was called a T1???

Cheers! :D
You can get LED ones - great if you never want to have to open up the Dash again.

Any hints on getting the dash open Pete? I'm just a little worried about not being able to fit it all back together :eek:

Tipo is simple - 2 screws each side :D Marea looks difficult
With reference to the enclosed picture.

Remove A,B,C then to remove D,E you need to "drop" the steering wheel down to get at them (you may also need to remove the steering wheel cowling, 2 small screws at the back of it underneath nearest to the dash) then remove F by opening the fuse box cover, this one holds on the air duct) and unclip it. Then the whole dashboard assembly can be moved forward off its clips and move it out to the right towards the gear stick, then you have access to the screws holding the "dials" in place , unplug the wiring looms and it all should pop out nicely.

Refit it all by reversing the procedure.