Technical Melted DRL bulb casing?

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Technical Melted DRL bulb casing?


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Apr 28, 2015
After many days of "check daytime running lights" blinking before my eyes, I decided to take a trip to Halfords, to replace the bulbs, and purchased some bright white ones that the guy recommended.

He had a go at fitting them. Upon doing so, he claimed he was unable to fix it, as the bulb housing had melted around the bulb, which meant he was unable to take the bulb out! I asked where to go from there, he suggested taking the whole headlamp shield out and having a look.

It was getting dark and late, so I am going back tomorrow.

I wondered, has anyone had the same problem? How would you suggest fixing this issue?

In addition, he also sold me interior lights. The main courtesy one doesn't turn off completely when I close the door for some reason, it just goes dim. Any suggestions?