Mclennans Alfa/Fiat specialist, Loanhead nr Edinburgh

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Mclennans Alfa/Fiat specialist, Loanhead nr Edinburgh


Mar 1, 2015
Handed them my Bravo 150T last week to get my clutch & timing belt changed, as well as doing a couple of minor jobs it came to a grand total of £793

Dropped off the Monday afternoon for the work to be done on Tuesday/Wednesday, told the car would be ready Thursday morning, didn't get it back until Thursday evening, paid £700 on collection & he let me pay the outstanding at my convenience (the next day as I don't like to owe money)

Called me Tuesday evening to let me know of a couple of small issues (leaking brake caliper & broken a bit of plastic trim under the car) he wouldn't touch them til I had seen them, then after a small conversation regarding previous customers I left him to it

Would I go back? Hmmm possibly, although when I got the back the locking wheel key was missing/lost so they sourced a new set of genuine ones with none of the "oh well we put it back so it's your loss" , though I need a couple of tyres so may ask if they can fit if I supply, would definitely recommend them as an alternative to Arnold Clark though

They are quite a busy place & though it looks a bit run down there was a few cars mainly alfas (159 SW, Brera, 147, 145 from memory)
This is the other Edinburgh indie which I am interested in. I believe the owner is an ex-Fishers (Main Alfa Dealer - been closed for many years) man? They seem to have a good reputation.

They are not too far from where my older son (2012 Punto 1.4 8 valve) lives, so a logical choice for him if we run into something I can't cope with. He has a clutch problem which I think is probably master cylinder related but it's still driving so we're waiting for warmer weather before I start crawling around it. As I've recently had Becky's clutch (2010 Panda 1.2) replaced by Harrisons down here in Leith I thought I'd get a quote for the Punto from McLennans. Their quote was literally a couple of pounds different - nothing in it. Which I suppose is logical as it's virtually the same engine? Nice to compare though - it doesn't look like either of them is trying to overcharge. If it turns out to be just hydraulics I'll do it myself. But if it needs the whole clutch done, at 73 years of age I'm finding the body is just not up to it any more so I'll be getting either of these workshops to do the job.

The Punto also has a few wee "not very urgent" problems which I'll need to address soon. A "damp" N/S inner driveshaft joint. Could be inner joint boot or driveshaft seal (looks more like the boot to me though) and the bottom crankshaft seal is weeping gently which is very disappointing as it was totally dry when I did a cambelt on it about this time last year. So the belt will have to come off again (and I'll have to do battle with that engine mount again - at least it's not the Panda which is much tighter for access). Finally, the radiator fan only runs at high speed - Air con engine so has a 2 speed fan - Hopefully it'll just be a poor connection but I believe there can be problems with a resistor pack mounted on the bottom of the rad?

If she has to go in to get a clutch done it'll be a great temptation to say "just sort the other problems while you've got her". That is until I see the quote anyway.