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General Maybe buying a Punto


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Sep 18, 2007

This is my first post I am looking at possibly getting a 2nd hand Punto and was just after some advice.

The one I am looking at is a 1.2 ELX W Reg 2000 with 54,000 miles on for £2095.

Firstly I was wondering is that a decent price?

But what I really need to know is about reliability of the Puntos. I am a bit cursed when it comes to cars and always seems to have things go wrong big time but have heard the Punto is a reliable car.

I was just after some general opinions to see if this is correct and also what things I should look out for.
I was reading a review where it said to watch out for suspension, cooling/heating system and clutch going at 40K and power steering failure are these common and if so can they be big costly jobs to repair?

I have just got a Skoda Fabia recently which I have had a number of problems with I then looked into it further and never realised they had so many common faults expecially power steering pump failure costing £750, Head gaskets going at an early age, suspensions going very early and want to get rid before something major like a head gasket, steering pump etc goes.

This time I have decided to do my research first and hopefully you people can raise my confidence in cars once more.

Ive got a 98 1.2 and had it about a year the only things to go wrong are:
oil sump rotten, water pump leaked, rad fan with loose bearings, head gasket, exhaust back box rusted, wheel that came loose and had a slow puncture. nout much. But still love it!