Technical Marea ELX Driver's Electric Window Stuck


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May 18, 2005
I was closing my window today and, when about half way up, it just stuck and now won't budge.

I have tried all the obvious things like sharp taps, pushes and pulls, turning the ignition off and on etc, all to no avail. And its been very wet here this afternoon!

I checked the fuses. All are Ok and the passenger electric window still works just fine, as it seems everything else does too. Rear windows are manual.

I removed the glove box to access the relays and, while I can hear 'something' clicking when I activate the door switch, I cannot find out what it is. Part of the problem is that I can't reach the switch and have my head inside the glovebox simultaneously of course. Does anybody know where the clicking is coming from?

So I turned my attention to the driver's door. When I went to remove the trim it was obvious (missing screws) that somebody has been in there before. What's more, when the trim is off, I can see that part of the white plastic liner has been disturbed before. I am guessing that this window has caused a problem before, maybe its a common fault of Marea?

I pulled the plug from the window motor and put a multi-meter on it. Operating the switch and holding it on shows a brief flick to 12v, then a drop back to 0v. This happens regardless of whether I try to move the window up or down (its stuck mid way).

Desperate to close the window I then used a point where somebody has previously stripped back some of the insulation from the two wires to the motor - I did say that I think this problem has happened before - and replaced the plug. I got a spare battery and touched jump leads to the bare wires. There was a lot of sparking but not even a hint of movement from the window motor. But this may just have been because I was nervous about damaging it, or indeed something else in the car, and therefore pulled the leads off fairly quickly.

It may also be that the window motor is burnt out and needs replacing, though I am reluctant to do that until I am reasonably certain that this isn't just "something that happens to Marea's with a quick fix."

At present the car is sat outside, in the rain, with the door shut so as to hold an old coat in place over the gap to keep the rain out. So if anybody has any ideas, or has tripped over this problem before, I'd be very grateful indeed for any advice.


Nov 13, 2003
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You will have to remove the motor and jam the window closed. You may have to take the window out first.
It sounds like the motor has gone, my windows keep sticking and require a bit of help.
Aug 2, 2005
Wigton, Cumbria
Dont know how similar the mk1 punto window mechanisms are, but the same thing happened with mine, but in my case, the window runner came off at and after finding the problem i realised i would have to find a new motor as i had burned it out trying to get the window to go down :(