Technical Marea ABS = reluctor ring or bearing?


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Feb 28, 2020
Hi All,
Still trying to keep the 1999 1.6 100 sx on the road.

I have an ABS issue, lights come on after about 30 seconds.
Computer code says left front sensor, this was replaced with no change in the issue.

Now, according to a parts specialist - (they sent me a reluctor ring),
the sensors use bearings in the rear and reluctor rings in the front.

My garage tell me they can't see a reluctor ring and that it must be in the bearing.

I rang FIAT and they weren't exactly sure but guessed bearing and gave me part number 717-45047.

Another thread on here said that these bearings were different on MK1 and MK2. The way to tell was what it said under the indicators HP, valves or CC, valves. Mine says 100 sx (no valves). but since 100 is the HP (I think) then maybe its a MK2?

Can anyone throw any light on this?, I'm in a deep dark hole...