Marea 105 ELX - Radio Removal advice

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Marea 105 ELX - Radio Removal advice

Jan 8, 2006
Pontefract W.Yorks
I am expecting delivery of a new CD/MP3 player tomorrow and am after some tips/advice how to remove the large standard lump currently installed.

Are there any special tools or techniques that will assist. :D

Many Thanks once again.

I have also posted this in the Marea General section but I know some models share the same unit.

Please advice asap as I am want to install new headunit before the weekend.
Are there 4 holes, 2 on each side of the HU? If there are, then you can get a tool from places like Halfords for a couple of quid. Insert these into each pair of holes and you should be able to engage the pins and slide the unit out.
You can also use things like cocktail sticks and bits of welding wire (or so I've read) instead of the pronged tool.

HTH (y)
You will need the keys which is what choas said

You will also need a radio fascia adaptor which are about a tenner from halfords
I have the facia adapter and the wiring harness is on order so I dont loose my settings all the time.

I am hoping that a combination of makeshift tools in the garage can persued the old radio out. Claw Hammer perhaps :eek:

Failing that I will leave the windows open outside our local for an hour and somebody will liberate it for free :) hehe