Technical Marea 1.6 16v 2002 ECU IAW 4EF Pin-out?

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Technical Marea 1.6 16v 2002 ECU IAW 4EF Pin-out?


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Aug 26, 2016
Hi all

My Marea fail in inspection because of the gases..

in multiscan i have 3 errors:

the two lambda heaters "no signal"
Evaporation Control Valve "no signal"

On the dash i dont have any light on.. in the multiscan the errors say "Fatal" "Light ON" some one trick the system?

the first Lambda is almost always in "Rich" and dont go up and down
the status of the two lambdas are in "Open Loop"

On the Lambdas heating wires i just have around 3,5v

From what i search .. it can be the wire from the rele form the fuel pump to the cannister and the lambda heaters..

but since i dont have any diagram from electrics or the pin-out of the Ecu (IAW 4EF.b3) its not a easy task..

any help or any idea?

thanx it was what i was loocking for..

i confirm that the all 4 wires from lambdas and the 2 from the Evaporation Control Valve are ok in the ecu.. that is good but i dont have mutch more options were the problem is..
i will try buy a new rele to the fuel pump and except the ECU i dont have any ideas..

here goes some pics from Multiscan maybe someone see somthing wrong..

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Thanx franglais it just saved me good!!

It was the fuse next the rele to the fuel pump.. it was hard to find.
Just activating it from the Multiscan i can listen were was it and the fuse was just next to it just next to the Lambda 1.

Hope it make my marea eat less fuel :worship:

Thanx again for the help (y)