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General Making phone calls - Uconnect 5"


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Nov 17, 2009
West Cornwall
We bought two secondhand 500s last week - a 2019 Abarth for me, a 2018 Lounge for her. Both cars are fitted with the 5" touchscreen "Uconnect" head units.

We are both having the same issue with making phone calls, in both cars.
She has an iPhone (12 I think), I use Android (Samsung Galaxy S9).

The only way we can see to make phone calls is by using the touchscreen after pressing the "phone" button on the headunit, or by trying to use the voice recognition.
Voice recognition struggles to understand me (hybrid London/Home Counties/West Country accent) and her (pure Essex). It really struggles with the word "call" after I've said "phone".

According to the manual, pressing the phone button on the steering wheel should bring up a list of recent calls, which can then be scrolled through using the arrow buttons. Manual says this feature only works if "call browsing" is enabled, without giving any clue of where to enable it.

Both phones are paired with their respective cars, with all bluetooth communication options enabled on the phones. The phonebooks are downloaded to the headunits, and everything appears to work apart from making calls by pressing the steering wheel buttons. Calls can be accepted and ended using the steering wheel buttons, but can only be made from the touchscreen or voice recognition.

Unless there's an incoming call, the phone buttons on the steering wheel do absolutely nothing. This doesn't seem right to me.

Any ideas?