Technical MAF / ECU HELP - Marea 2.4 diesel TD125 HLX Weekend 1998.

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Technical MAF / ECU HELP - Marea 2.4 diesel TD125 HLX Weekend 1998.


Aug 1, 2007
North Yorks
Hi, just taken car with trailer tent in-tow and bycycles on back door on 2.4k mile round trip to Med. Had the inital lack of power problems that I thought I had resolved by cleaning the MAF.
My initial relapse of power happened a couple of days prior to leaving when going to a friends 'pit' for oil change. Taking her out to warm up, the power suddenly disappeared. This was restored by disconnecting the connector from MAF and reconnecting it - jobs a gud un!.
Got a good way into France and it went flat again. Unplugged/reconnected MAF connector and OK until next time. I even found that blipping the throttle and releasing peddle quickly to tick-over a couple of times usually worked. This became quite a frequent occurance by the end of holiday. It seemed to happen when traffic slowed - waggon over taking waggon situation as if it were (as in earlier motoring days) plugs sooting up.
One of the last tanks of fuel only did 300 miles before running dry. Admitted we were traveling, but was still considerably less than previous distances.
I didn't attempt to clean MAF again whilst away or try running with it disconnected.

Did the intitial clean actually achieve anything or was it just down to dis/reconection of MAF connector? Does this 'dis/recon' have some effect on ECU. Is it ECU that is the issue? How does blipping the throttle resolve give some resolution, could this be lambda related?

Sorry to have gone on but had to try create the full picture. Anyone had similar previous experience? Can anyone put their finger on my issue. Any suggestions mucj appreciated. Thanks.