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Technical Lowering

OZ Seicento
Jul 14, 2005
Hi guys,
I've got my dad to the point of getting him to lower his barchetta. Was thinking of 35mm as a couple of you said before any lower and the struts should be changed too. He is running 17"s on the car but give the same overall diameter as the standard alloys. Was just wondering would he have to get the rear wheel arches rolled with a drop of 35mm?


The car will bottom out at the same point as with lowering springs. The only difference is that the springs are lower. If it doesn't rub now it shouldn't do then either.
Cheers Oldschool, thats good to know. Just was wondering about the arches but that should mean its fine.

You must post the pics up when you have had it done and let us know if you recommed it.

Good luck, if you need sites to buy them from PM me as I have loads saved.

Cost around £90 ish with 5% more stiffness.

I will get pics when its done plus the good wheels are back on so maybe a while. Ive found a guy who does apex springs with 15% discount from one of the seicento sites. Looking at apex beacuse i put them on the seicento and they are great, same ride quality etc. Total cost is 107.29 delievered.
What sites you got anyway mate?



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True true oldschool but cheers anyway nino.
Nino thats one HELL of a nice car. If they would do that with the newer front, would be sweet. Where did you find that? Looks like an old MGB GT shape lol
Did a Google image search.

New front world runin this version I think.

New front I am still not taken in by, its different and to big.

Shame they stopped building the B alltogether.

Anyway love what we are in.

Speak soon on how you got on.
Nino, I may be wrong, but that looks distinctly like a photoshop to me.
Alex never thought I would be saying this.

You are wrong, Magora the coach builder for the Barchetta did 1 back in 1998. Fait said no as they had the Fiat Coupe at the time. There is one person in France who copied it last year with a hard top that did the same thing.

Shame as I think this is superb. + I never learnt how to use Photoshop!! LOL
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