General lowering my punto mk1?

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General lowering my punto mk1?

If you are lowering by 60mm you will really need to change the shocks as well as the springs....otherwise the OE shocks won't last very long.
i have jamex springs on my car for a year, and i would recomend them without a doubt.
but 60mm drop on the front needs shortened shocks, or the originals will knacker easily, as said above.
i would buy them though. im pleased to see someone going for 40/60, mine looks completely standard at the front, and thats with 40/45 drop! should look good.
hmm... anything with a good brandname? make sure that they are designed to run with a drop of 60mm.
you COULD just run stock shocks, but they will knacker very quickly.
Abarelli breakers have a set of Gmax shockers and springs for £80. Looked about 2 years old.
Abarelli, look them at on Google. Ask for Tony say Dave sent you.