Technical low power brava 1.4 s .r reg

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Technical low power brava 1.4 s .r reg


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May 10, 2007
hi i'am having some problems with my car when it's cold it has some pulling power but when it gets to it running temp i lose most off my power it will labour up hills and from a standing start well i think could run faster to 30 mph . i'v took my car to the local garage and they done some tests, 1 ,valve timing was checked ,2, exhaust + cat tested for blockage ,3, the ecu was sent away and tested that came back all ok . they said they ran a diagnstics and no faults were fond . i'v chanaged the plugs and leads and air filter and still have the same problems.HELP
Lamda sensor?

From what i've read on FF, these are the common symptoms.

If you remove the lamda sensor, and the car's running better or the same, then you got it ;)