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Low milage insurance


zombie nation
Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
I'm looking for insurance to cover the tipo 3rd party fire and theft but with only cover for at most a couple thousand miles. Basically enough to do a few shows and meets and the ocasional trip into the moors on a sunny day. I've decided its unfair on the tipo to rag it to work every day so want to keep it garaged apart from special days.

Best quote I've had through normal insurance is 570 quid tpff and 1000 miles. Anyone got any companies I should try?

Also my insurance 'elephant' has suggested that it could either insure the car for short periods, or i could tpff and have my no claims cloned onto the tipo. Anyone with experience of these things please help!
if you only want to use the car on certain days, tty www.dayinsure.com - it is underwritten by norwich union, the only problem with this is if you need to tax it you cant cause you got no 'real' insurance

i used this insurance for when i went to pick up car, i think it is basically for stuff like that

the norwich union 'pay as you drive' scheme is good, my mate spent £4 this month, so added to the £13 standard charge, it was very cheap, i think it is restricted by age though and i doubt it will cover mods, etc...

i noticed an advert for directline saying that they can offer you 'substansiale' (sp) on a second car, i believe they achieve this by cloning your NCB

im paying £600 tpft for the cinq and 6000 miles with CIS, i know that this is not an equal comparison though :eek:
Thanks for the suggestions Gaz, certainly food for thought. Was going to tax for a year when i wanted to drive it then get a refund of the months remaining. Certainly food for thought.
is that a limited milage policy? Or a normal policy with an estimated annual milage of 1000 miles?
i found that mileage on 'normal' policies doesnt make a whole load of difference.

When i bought the bug i only insured it for 2k a year as i didnt think i'd really use it that much but after taking it to Newquay and plymouth within a month i passed 2k mark i rang them up to put it upto 10k and they only charged me another £40 :eek: :confused: