Looking for hard to find BBC film from 1995 "Loved Up".

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Looking for hard to find BBC film from 1995 "Loved Up".

Oct 7, 2004
Towcester, Northants
Looking to try and find this on DVD but looks like it was never made on DVD or I can't find it and I no longer have a video as there are a few copies of it on VHS on eBay, and a brand new one on Amazon at £85:eek:

So any one shed some light on this or even have a copy that they could put on DVD for me?

If you have never seen it or now of it, here are the details http://www.screenonline.org.uk/tv/id/725524/

Cheers, Aaron.
Sure I've seen that years ago. was on pretty early but dealt with sex and drugs. I was quite surprised.
Hmm you'd need someone with a TV card or tuner with jacks to hook up the Video to the PC then to copy it either whilst encoding it or encoding it later then transferring it to DVD or indeed CD, not straightforward but then again not too much hassle with the right stuff.

If I had the gear I'd offer to do it then you could sell the vid on fleabay again but I don't just the knowledge, anyone fancy giving Aaron a hand?

Hi there

New to the site but came across this thread, I've been looking for years for Loved Up on DVD.... Did you get it???

Cheers Liam, gives me an idea that, think my mate Dan has that stuff, so may buy a VHS one and see what can be done.
Eh? Please explain?


A lot of shop bought films have inbuilt protection.
I have a small box that takes the feed from the VHS, strips protection and allows the vid to be recorded onto my hard drive/DVD device.
With regards DVD, there is loads of freeware out there which allows you to knock out half a dozen copies before timing out.

The copy protection either will not allow recording or will reproduce so badly as to make the film hardly watchable - some colours are reproduced too vividly or noise bands appear accross the screen etc.
Only 4 and a half years old in that reply.... Liam is long gone now :spin: