Look what I've just bought!

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Look what I've just bought!


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Oct 22, 2004
Sunderland and LakeDistri

I wasn't planning on me winning it for such a low price. The guy bought it four months ago for £510 and has bought a load of spares.

Therre is nothing wrong with it, except needs reversing lights sorted for MOT and the rear fogs don't work (but don't need these for <80's cars anyway).

problem is how do I get it from sheffield to sunderland without 'being illegally on the road'.

Could I borrow a dealers/garages delivery plates, or does that only cover me for the tax?

Another Idea I had was to fix the problem while I was there (bad earth needs a earth cable running thru to main earth point under battery and job done, just current owner doesn't want to dissemble the interior to do this!) and book an MOT appointment back here in sunderland, then I am actually on my way to a prearranged MOT and you can't attain more tax until it has a valid MOT for the period! Would that make it legal? Or is this a car transporter job (I know a guy with a merc flatback car transporter thing but he is away in fricking thailand!!).
you dont need reversing lights for MOT, so it should have an MOT easily
Solid Tow bar?

I dunno, thats the best Idea Ive had, cos I need to get my 1242 to the MOT station without tax or MOT... And that way its technically being used on the road...The car tahts towing it is being used to tow said car to the station!!
what car? bloody hell someones attached a car to the back of mine :eek: (y)
well 3 certain people in my family drive for hours when they buy cars without MOT, tax and even insurance. they never get stopped.- obviously not recommended.

i cant see why its wouldnt be legal if you arrange an MOT? could you not get it MOT'd, then taxed when your up where you collect it from?
Have it towed to yours if you didnt expect it to go so cheaply youll be awash with cash :D
arc said:
why, they good? looks like generic old car to me :confused:

3 litre V6, fibreglass body, capable of 120mph, 15 thousand built, all for £200...............bargain IMO :D
Some trailer repair places let you hire car trailers for a weekend,If you know anyone with a tow bar

Or book an mot and drive it back
Brilliant! (y) :worship: Always liked those, its got a 3 litre Capri engine too ;) as for getting it back, all depends on how cinfident you are of it making it - if it's mechanically sound then drive under cover of darkness and do the prebooked MoT thing; otherwise, beg, borrow, steal or hire a truck!
about the reverse lights- you dont need em- its illegal to have white light displayed on the rear of a car anyway- which is why the come on when you go backwards and the car rear is then the front.

Not required!
i think retro magazine did a big article on these a few months ago, may be useful for a rebuild and places to get stuff
thanks all for the advise!!

That day insure site is a legend, thanks very very much for posting it, not sure if it will work without an MOT ref number pushed in, although on most insurance sites they never ask!!

I am sifting my way thru the DVLA blurb on their site to find out if I can drive it back, as it turns out my mate with the tow truck is defanatly in thailand and will be for the next month or so (lucky bugger).

It does appear I have myself a bargin here!! Even if I can't afford to run it I will just tidy it up, fit the bits included with it and some others (these things are cheap as anything to run, I mean track rod ends new go for like £2 on ebay, new engine that'll be £75 please sir, do you want transmission to go, its free?, well cheap all bar 20mpg on a good day, and impossible insurance, day insure looks the way forward, I can go for a spirited drive on a sunday and not worry about it!).

I reckon it'll be a bit quicker than the punto, even if it is best part of 30years old!!:p