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Jan 24, 2006
Greetings from Canada. We don't have very many Fiats around. The last dealer left in the early eighties. I bought a Fiat 128 3p that is in remarkable condition. I have a reputation for building some interesting cars and was looking to start a unique project. I found this car with very low mileage and it wasn't winter driven. The amount of salt that is used on our roads is terrible and can reduce most cars to dust within 10 years. I'm planning on lurking around this forum for some research and ideas.:idea: There are very few sources for parts here. Most of the parts I've had to fabricate :bang: .I used to own a fabrication shop, so that isn't a problem. If there is anyone who has interesting ideas for my project, PM me. I'd like it to remain a streetable car that could be used in some motorsports....... Not like some of the projects that I've been working on... A tube frame rearwheel drive volks Jetta Mk 1 for my Son and a 1980 Toyota Corolla with a 1993 mazda RX7 TT driveline. Cheers for now(y)
I'm a little hesitant using Fiat parts from around here. I bought a cam housing gasket that looks like a forty year old newspaper! I bought a water pump that came in a box which looked like it had been on a shelf for the past 20 years. Before Installing it, I soaked the entire pump in coolant for a week .