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Like this isn't stolen


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Oct 22, 2004
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all the other countries always seem to get more stuff than us as std. And often we don't even get it on the op list.

I.e mums older audi has an option of a preheat function, basically a big 70aH battery in side pod of boot, that warms car to a preset temp at a preset time of day and date (repeating etc), control comes in the drivers side armrest/doorhandle, car didn't have it, and as its electric heated aux thing it defrosts car wheras the normal car vents won't do it (they are hopeless on all modern VAG cars), got the whole shibang on an german ebay auction for £120 posted, pricey but an excellent bit of kit (inc interior trim etc) but its for the left hand door obviisously, but anyway, was never an option in the UK.