Technical Lighter fuse in 2001 dobbie HELP!

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Technical Lighter fuse in 2001 dobbie HELP!


Sep 19, 2006
Hi i have read all the related threads on thid forum but cant find thew fuse.
I dont have the owners manual as i brought the car in june and the lighter got stuck in the other day after a bit of plastic got stuck to it and almost welded it in place I am a non smoker buy the way but stupidley pressed it in buy accident. Afetr removing the lighter thinggy and getting rid of the roug plastic i tryed to put my phone charger in and no luck so tryed the other adapeter for accesorys and no luck so assume "Fuse".
so i looked in the fuse box and there is no descripton of the lighter fuse lots of fuses for things like wipers and lights tho.
Please please help as im away this weekend and need my sat nav etc so i need my charger.

Thanks in advance and sorry about the bad spelling im VERY dyslexic.
The cig lighter fuse is not on it's own circut but on a generic circuit used by other ancillaries I believe!

Best way is to look through the most obvious ones. ie the 10amp fuses and see if you can find any that have blown. Have you checked the connections on the back of the lighter (it should with some persuasion just pop out).

I can't see a fuse blowing because of that to be honest, are you sure there isn't any plastic remains stopping the contacts making contact?
neither of the lighters work, thats the odd thing. I have no idea whats up with them. I highly doubt its the connections as both went at (i think) the same time.

The melted plastic has been removed by the way.
That's fair comment, I only have the one... forgot some of you have 2!

They are both run off the same cable if I remember correctly though, and obviously the same fuse. Try looking for the 20amp fuses then, see if any have blown!
You are correct, both cigar lighter and supplemaetary power socket are on same fuse. It is fuse F44. This is a 20amp fuse and is located on the fuse board inside the car on the drivers side (behind the panel). F44 is the bottom fuse on the second column of fuses. Umm...


Does the diagram help??:D

Good luck!

(got this from manual of 03 plate doblo, assume same)
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hope this scanned pic help better