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Aug 4, 2004
dunno if anyone else caught it on monday night, yes theres not much new, odd couple pairing (good cop/bad cop), damsel in distress, etc etc, but i loved it, cracking tv, hope he makes it home.....
i think they are basing the 1973 cops on the sweeney. except its in manchester. the chief is regan, and the time slipper is carter.:)
I've seen the trailers, but not the programme. I wanted to watch it as the two guys drive around in a Mk3 Ford Cortina (y)

Though for the anoraks out there, something is not right with that Cortina. It has a '2000E' badge on the back, and their car is registered on a 'K' plate. The 'E' (Executive) model didn't come out until 'M' registration two years later (the facelift model of mk3's).

Also, it has the front grill and quad round lights from a GXL. In fact the front grill has a 'GXL' badge on it! The 2000E only had plane Jane twin square lights.

Bit of a bitza me thinks.

I'm a bit of an anorak because I own a mk3 Cortina 2000E on an 'N' plate. And I retrofitted the quad lights and grill from a GXL too :D But mine IS a genuine 2000E, except fitted with a 2.8 litre V6 from a mk2 Granada :eek: (y)