Life on mars is on!

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Life on mars is on!

I missed last weeks episode but caught the last 40 minutes of tonight one. I thought it was pretty good and worth getting into.

Could anyone fill me in on whats going on, the guy's obviously not supposed to be where he is ?
Na, hes a copper from 2006 who got knocked over and woke up in 1973. It is unknown if he has actually travelled in time and is in a coma, is in a coma and its made up or travelled in time.

He is stuck there until he can work out how to get back to 2006, so he fights crimes professionals stylee with the big mean DCI!
maybe theres a big event he's supposed to be a part of/intervene/stop and only the adult "him" can do it, kinda like marty mcfly vs john beckett style..... then again forget the quantum futures and enjoy the show....
It's a bit Strange!!! The Ice Cream Van which they used for the undercover bit is Definately not from the 70's

Frederick's Ice Cream is Based in Chesterfield where i live and they only go around derbyshire too.....

The Van is also an 80's model as I've seen it in their warehouse which is about 100 yards from where i work...

Also in a couple of scenes, I saw new cars in the background.....

Good Series though.....
i knew it, no one believed me ever, but there it was!

that girl from the test card, she always looked so innocent, so sweet, yet just underneath that oh so thin veneer of cuteness.....the cloven hooved wolverine waits

she tried to get our hero to give up....die, one to watch...i hate her