licence to drive badly.....

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licence to drive badly.....


Oct 6, 2007
Is it just me, or do the BMW minis come with a special licence in the glove box that allows 40 year old midlife crisi to drive like t****, all under the guise of being cheeky and fun? In reality its not such fun when you are hit by one - discuss! Obviously Fiat 500s will not come with this licence as they will be bought by people with more brain!
Not really surprising as they are 3 series drivers in training ;)

Used to think Beamer drivers were the worst, but here is my new top ten bad drivers/car types

1.New Mini
2.All Audi (may not be the drivers, probably just faulty indicators and mirrors)
3.Porsche Cayenne
4.New Beetle
5.Nissan Micra
6.Range Rover
8.Those weird nissan retromobiles bought by mid life crisisers
9.Kids on mopeds (got undercut in town on a corner by one yesterday)
10.Any other 4WD (how can anyone justify such a thing - honestly, apart from farmers)

Really, if everyone in the world shared my views and drove just like me, the worlds problems would probably be cured overnight, hehehe!!
I have the one that didn't quite make your list and am used to getting the pee taken :D

Not the one with the strange bonnet ornament as seen in your profile?
I agree, I was saying to a mate the other day and I think I may have previously mentioned it on the Forum. I hate New Mini drivers. Maybe the BMW rubbed off on them but BMW 3 series drivers seem to appreciate modified cars and be nice to us.

Its the 5,6,7, and 1 series drivers who are w4nkers.
Not Beamers, but almost every single Clio driver I've seen are either reckless, can't drive for shat, or both :rolleyes: