Styling Lexarse are gone,Afterburners are here!!!

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Styling Lexarse are gone,Afterburners are here!!!


Apr 7, 2004
middlesbrough, United Kin
Now peeps,
With the constant black cloud that looms over 'lexarse' lights ive ditched the bleeders and replaced with a afterburner set,now before you all go crazy mad and say they are just as bad if not worse,and get the originals tinted up,i wanted something different(lol,with a yellow punto,its not the most pop colour!,(",),so i opted for these to at least try to differ!,anyway heres some pics!

Got a set of lexarse for sale now if anyone dare to have them!,hahaha!


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Some yellow and black tinted originals wouldve looked amazing.

But i think the afterburners look better than the lexarse ones.
Mr_noir_1976 said:
one vote each!,lol

not bad!

cheers guys,i can take comfort from good and bad comments,each to their own!


Thank God for that :cool: modding would be boring if we were all the same.:slayer:
IMHO :yuck:

Lexarse looked better - hey if you want to revert back to lexarse, i'm selling mine!! ;)

3-2 now..
Mr_noir_1976 said:
ive still got a set of lexarse for sale!!!

cant get rid!!!

Stick em on ebay! Someone would have them! :D

Prefer the afterburners!

Also debadge the rear!
Afterburners look better than the Lexarse lights but Im still a tinted standard lights man :cool:

I did think Lexarse lights would look good if the cover was taken off, internals sprayed body colour and then the cover reattached but never got around to trying it with my old car