legal advice needed quickly can anyone help?

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legal advice needed quickly can anyone help?

Jul 25, 2005
west yorkshire
ive had problems with my stilo and the short version is the car has been with fiat for 4 months being repaired with the same fault. and i have had poor performance between repairs for three months which is a total of 7 months!!!

ive only owned the car for 9 from new!!! the car has now been fault free for 5 days so i called fiat and asked what compensation they are going to offer me, the replay, none!!! wtf??? so am now going to contact them in writing and thats where your advice may prove usefull. cheers in advance all!
I'd be pissed but gratefull that its eventually fault free!
Holy **** you've only had 3 months good use out of it!

It must have depreciated a bit in that time, maybe they'll give you the diferance between a new one and a second hand one bought when you bought yours... would there be a difference... i dont know when it comes to cars this new.

you could always try "If i knew i was going to be without the car for 7 months i could of waited and bought a second hand one for "this much"... thats "this much" differnce that the car i bought NEW off of you 9 months ago...

i dont know.. that probibly wouldn't hold up in court...

still they have go to be liable for something?
well the book value for the stilo is £13100ish but with the deal i did at the time got it for just over 11k i think(including part ex and settling previous finance, the stilo was 9k ish of the deal). and a recent enquiry found i would be offered 6.5k for it now!!
i'm not sure what you can say, but dood damn!
Talk to them!. Start by being calm with them, firm and make demands, but in a calm way and don't show signs of backing down. They will appreciate that and then realise that you know what you want and that you'll go far with it, where I don't know but you need to sort this out..

The garage is sorta liable, they sold you a car, which didnt work. You paid for it, and they haven't delivered, they are therefore breaking terms and conditions of sale, and you are more then welcome and able to contact trading standards and other places.. The garage should, either.. refund any costs, allow you to swap or return everything to you, seeing as in the 3 months you probably only put what, 2,000 miles on it?

Seriously, kick off, its your right!
I posted a template letter that you could use...

It's not exactly ready for your case but if you used it as a start you could end up with a very professional, heavy letter.

I think they should supply you with a new Stilo at no cost - after all if there is no problem with yours they will have no problem selling it on.
thanks for that all. my problems are that the car is now working and i havent been getting the car repaired at the same place i baught it! although they are both authorised fiat dealers. im going to send them a letter stating exactly what me and the car have been through with dates of when it has been working and when it hasn't. then they can see in black and white how long i have had a fully working car.

the daft thing is im on edge driving the car now. twice it has pinged at me and my heart has sank thinking "its gone again" an ive just been low on fuel!!! :eek:
My experience with FIAT, is that they know they have shat dealierships. And most companies do respond well to written responses.

You have been paying for a car you could not use, if you had wanted to drive around for 6/9 months in a 1.2Punto ELX or whatever, you would have bought one, instead you bought a higher powered diesel engined car with a better fuel consumption. If nothing they should pay for the increase in petrol, but it wouldn't be FIAT who pay it. They would argue that it's down to the dealerships that didn't fix it originally. So, your choice, either write to FIAT, explaining that you are aware the dealerships are at fault, and have them apply the leverage, or write directly to the dealership... my experience there is that the dealership will file your letter under S, for Scrap paper.
Trancendental said:

yeah they said. " as your car is now repaired and back with you, the car has always been repaired under warranty and you have always been supplied with a courtesy car on this occasion we will not be giving you any compensation." :eek: fair??? i think not!

one thing i have learned from this is dont be so patient. should have complained and made demands ages ago while it was still faulty! :eek:
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this sounds familiar.

Basically how much time have you lost thru going backwards and forwards, how much aggro has it caused you etc. AS the ONLY point in buying a new car is to have none of that aggro and have a NEW FULLY WORKING car for at least three years etc.

THe fact you have spent a good proportion of your time with a so called FULLY WORKING actually not in the car but in a car way lower down the spectrum, all the time yours is devaluing (about £180+ per month if you work it out).

We had a brand new Audi A6 Avant 3.0SE from new, with a couple of options it hit about £32.5k (a huge amount of money really), it came with scratchs on the front bumper (had been knocked on the transporter and grazed it), we signed for it, not really expecting to have to scour every fricking inch of a brand new car for defects.
Got it home, then it was off the road for a few days because of a finance prob, all this time had been sat on a driveway with no one going near it (drive is in garden, so don't need to go past it atall etc).
Complained, they came took it away, gave us a 1.4litre POS AUdi A2 (well nicely built small car, but quite possibly the slowest most tippy over small car I've been in), 3weeks later it was back, WITH TOUCH UP PAINT THAT DIDN'T EVEN MATCH!!:yuck:
Sent it back again, and they resprayed it, albeit the colour was nearly there (same colour, but not same metallic content), could still see the marks thru the paint quite clearly (obiously hadn't preped it in any way).
ANother few weeks later they had a 'new' bumper to go on and they would respray that! which they did, but they 'blended' it in to the rest of the body work, it looked absolute shte!!
Sent it back again, and they finally sucummed and offered us another new car (same thing), SO for just over three months we had this piffling little A2 to buzz around in, if you went any more than about 90mph it would blow away:devil:

ANyway, we got the newer reg, we got a Y plate instead of an X plate, and got a whole new car which was perfect, but still, disastor. DIdn't have to complain in writing, the dealer eventually offered us a new car as that one was never going to be right!!

LOL then they sold THAT car on teh forecourt as a 'prereg'd' new car (which hell it wasn't) and had it marked up at £31,995:eek: