Styling Leather interior or Multispokes

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Styling Leather interior or Multispokes

Think you may be right about the price going through the roof... fancy the two tone leather - black with cream inserts, dunno if it was available in 5dr but sure would brighten me interior up :cool:
might b able to get leather from a breakers i no il enquire if you are interest should be cheaper than that il give him a ring tomoro if you are intersted.
multi spokes dont like leather (n) to cold on the bum it crackes if you havnt got the time to look after it its the wheels for me [already got a set] (y)
Id go for the multi spokes 1st (y) ... My leather interior in my stilo is great i would defiently recommend it, you could get your interior retrimed for around £800? The 1 on ebay will prob go for silly money and some of the pannels are damaged (n) Plus if you had a re-trim you could get a much beta colour scheme, like two tone or cream/tan :D

EDIT: i know these are highly recommend!
Yeah go for the multispokes!! They look great if i do say so myself :D
Personally I like the black cloth interior on yellow stilos as it's a nice contrast. I don't like the grey of the leather against a yellow car it just looks washed out, dark is better :cool: The leather suits the darker metalic colours so I would go with the wheels out of the two options (y) and get some custom work done on your cloth seats, maybe a yellow piping or something and some custom mats in black and yellow ;)

EDIT : I didn't realise the leather was black so :chin:
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Well, just got the multispokes for £260. Stripey, you get me a price on the leather and there may be a drink in it for you, depending on price. I now have a spare £250 to work with.

Must be solid black, none of that contrasting cack.
While on the subject of black interiors Im wondering if its possible to dye the cloth seats and door cards black that would look nice against silver grey and other colours any suggestions [as long as it dont come off on your under pants :eek: ]