Technical Leaking under the left handside of the engine

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Technical Leaking under the left handside of the engine


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Sep 4, 2005

I have noticed that there are small pools of Oil/Water forming under the very left hand side of the engine of my Fiat Punto ELX 2000.
would someone have any idea what this may be coming from or do they have a link to a pciture/diagram of under the hood/bonnet of this model of Punto.
I suspect it is the Oil - although the liquid does not contain a strong odour of Oil.
Any advise is appreciated.
Many thanks for the reply.
Through process of elimination I have found it to be the engine coolant - Paraflu.
The leaking is about 10 large drops per minute for 5 minutes - how do you think I could resolve this? Will I have to leave it with a mechanic or can I do myself with correct parts?
Any advice appreciated
OK - thanks for the advice
Much appreciated!
Ball park figure - how much does a radiator cost?