Technical Leaking brake master cylinder??

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Technical Leaking brake master cylinder??


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Oct 22, 2004
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THe whole time I have been driving my car when the brake pedal is depressed a very certain amount of travel/force (just enough to hold the car in traffic) it hiss's air like a fast punctured tyre.

I have thought nothing of this as two other puntos I have driven do the same thing, and the cyl had been replaced about a month previous to when I bought it, which apparently fixed the problem for about 2weeks.

Just driven a friends sporting today, totally standard with the same mintex off the shelf type pads and discs at front and whatever at rear. And there is so much more 'BITE', TBH they are marginally more powerfull, and won't worry passengers with the leaking sounding brake thing, but there is so much more stopping power available higher up the travel.

Bled my brakes today with the help of my dad and the brakes feel firmer, but still hiss.

Should I be worried about it? And should I bother changing the cyl again?
faster4_tec said:
Nobody else had this trouble?

Sounds like a servo problem may be connected to your overfueling, check for air leak in pipe from manifold or servo itself. are brakes working OK?