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General Last chance for Tipo parts

Fast Finger

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Jun 2, 2005
As i have baught a new car i am getting rid of my Tipo 1.9TD very shortly.
This is going to be scrapped so if anyone would like any parts let me know and we can sort something out.

Also Escort XR3i being stripped.
uno_94 said:
does it deserve to be stripped?? how about crushed (y) :D

IF i get the engine running again it may be going for a bumpy ride in a farmers field before the crusher gets it.

Crusher crusher crusher:eek: (y)
To be honest the car is in good condition, especially the interior.
Its just engine probs i cant seem to get to the bottom of and too many small things that will end up costing big.
Just out of interest are you headlights the auto-adjusting type or manual? If manual then I might be interested.
Also what are the gas struts like on your tailgate? I got eat by the tipo the other week when the boot came down on me.. Owch.
You see the handles on the interior above the doors... are they the flip down ones or the static ones.

Do you know if the static ones can replace the Flip Down ones as in do the screws line up?

Can I have all of them please? how much?
any chance for the "exhaustive" pump, or the brake pump to us normal people

and right side rear light, and left front fog glass????

and any of those would be mutchly apreciated

and if it has the elec sun roof the plastic cover over the motor
and sunroof relay switch
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