ladbrokes should open a new book...

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ladbrokes should open a new book...

he's a lost cause, maybe they've finally realised that and decided there's no point in trying to sort him out. at least he can afford to buy his coke, no need to nick my stereo, so he's only hurting himself so let him get on with it.
Shoot him and be done with it. It'll improve Britain's music scene at any rate :)
He should be banged up for OUR protection.
This tit hurtles around in his car whilst out to lunch on drugs.
Who cares if he overdoses & kills himself on drugs? No-One
Who cares if he kills innocent bystanders? Nobody in officialdom that's for sure.
Don't normally wish harm on others but if this tit should be off his face & drive his car into a certain judge's family, maybe the legal profession would change their thinking.

Doesn't matter how dangerous something or somebody is, the law will only take action if it affects them directly.
Whilst it is Joe public who are being affected, the law will never change.