General Knocking type noise from the rear???

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General Knocking type noise from the rear???


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Nov 26, 2014
My cinq sporting develops a knocking type sound in the rear when the weather gets colder. The colder it Is, the worse it is.

It sounds like I have a load of boulders rattling around in the boot!!!

I have replaced the rear dampers which made no difference. The exhaust isn't hitting anything and the baffles in the back box seem ok if I hit it.
The only other thing I guess it could be is the rear suspension bushes, but they are only about 20k miles old and look in great condition still (when I replaced them a couple of years ago, the originals were still fine after 90k miles).
I have removed the spare wheel and bits out the boot too.

Nothing makes any difference other than the temperature. In the warmer weather it makes no noise at all. Does anyone have any ideas? If I can't find It, I will just replace the bushes again next summer anyway. Just can't see it being that????
Now it is slightly damp outside it's not as bad. No idea what it is !?!?!?
Have you swapped wheels front to back..??

Amazing how tyres can react in the cold ;)

Gave this a go and it's made no difference. Found a stone jammed under one of the rear springs and the seat, that wasn't the issue either.

Double checked all bolts just to be sure.

Unless anyone has any other ideas, I can only assume it is a rear arm bush as there is nothing left :(
I'm going to try and wedge some thin rubber in between the bushes and fixings to try and confirm which arm is the issue. I'm 99% sure it's the passenger side.

In tempted to just buy a new arm with bushes of ebay for £80 and just slap that on for now.

Can then look to put poly bushes in next year when the weather is better. Hopefully they will last more than a couple of years
have you checked exhaust mounts

yup. thought i had found it as one of them was squeaking. i lubed it up and it wasnt that.
the rest are spot on as i replaced them in the summer when i fitted the 1.2 engine.
Noticed my boot struts are pretty creaky. Going to remove them and go for a drive tomorrow to see if it's that. Will be cheaper and easier than replacing the rear arms.

Fingers crossed!!!!!
It was one of the arm bushes. Got the car right up in the air and had a close inspection and the passenger side outside bush had worked it's way out of its casing by a few mm.

Used a lever to force it back into position and then made some rubber washers to pack the side out a bit.

Silence!!!!!! :)

Going to replace the arm, but the rubber bodge should last me until the new year I hope. Should have just gone with poly bushes after all as these havnt lasted very long.
Stuck a new bush in and all seems good.

The other one pushed straight out with little effort. Made removal easier though :)

Will probably stick some poly bushes in next year when the car isn't my daily.


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