Styling kingdom development front bumper

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Styling kingdom development front bumper


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Mar 18, 2002
United Kingdom.
i every1
iv been lukin everwere for the kingdom development front bumper but cant find the loody thing anywere, can any1 help plz??????

They dont make one for the Punto. The front bumper on the purple Punto featured in Max Power was built using a K.D. kit developed for the Vauxhall Caviler I believe.


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yeah fiathgt thats the buper i want but cant find that anywere either, i want that bumper and ino i av to cut to fit, and thats what im gona do, sodo u no were i can get 1 from mate???

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That bumper sure will make your punto look crap...
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If its not to xedos style taste then it has to be wrong -**** him!! if thats the bumper you want then get it personaly i cant help you out doh sorry mate......................MAN THAT XEDOS HAS A SERIOUS ATTITUDE PROBLEM!!!!
thanx puntosporting, and xedos that purple punto in max power WITH THE KINGDOM DEVELOPMENT that was featured in max power looks the dogs ******, and im sure every1 agrees!!!

That punto has now changed hands three times since its feature because it is an eyesaw.

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i agree with ''Dont imitate others, originate.''. but that purple punto is nice and unique, and if u dont like that then u must b mad mate

That "purple" punto is actually for sale on autotrader! Try this number they might be able to sort you out with the bumper, 08702 412382. Hope that helps

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