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Technical ker-klunk ker-klunk ker-klunk...

Oct 18, 2005
OK... mk1 punto, 55sx...

Right front wheel (i think) keeps making a nasty clunking/grinding noise when i take my foot off the throttle, or when i have my foot on the clutch. it doesn't make any noise when the engine is putting power to the wheels.

I'm thinking the driveshaft is loose/damaged. it started last night when i went over a mountain of a speedbump, not even that quick either.

It doesn't affect the car in any way (that i can tell) but it's kinda worrying that it's making such a nasty noise :(

Anyone got any ideas?
yep, wheels are all tight. if it helps at all, the car pulls very slightly to the left when accelerating, although that could be down to slight differences in tyre pressures.

My friends keep telling me to get a car that's not falling apart, i'm getting close to following their advice :( this Punto's costing me money that i don't have right now :(
OK... took it to the garage today and got it looked at...

found out that it's the gearbox mount, the rubber cup has perished and it's metal on metal, nothing serious, just annoying.

£22 for the part, 10 minutes to fit... bargain. just gotta put up with it until monday. :)
update - changed the gearbox mount but it's still clunking :( taking it back tomorrow and he's gunna have a look at the engine mounts. thought we'd sorted it out but obviously not (n)
thefishdude said:
dam sorry to hear that, my money is still on suspension. bearing or spmething broken.

I was thinking the same, seems like the suspension and all bearings were replaced around 104k (or so the service history says).

I can't see it being suspension or bearing related because if it was, it'd do it all the time, but it's only doing it when the engine is let to idle (foot on clutch, or foot off throttle), which makes me think it's moving round on the mounts. my mechanic thinks the same. I dunno... we shall see tomorrow i suppose
Ok, another update...

Had an entire check over of the engine bay, springs, shocks, exhaust, the works...

We've come to 2 possibilities...

1. Air in the shock absorber, causing the clunking noise (mechanic said this isn't unusual, from where a rubber o-ring or something has perished and has allowed air into the shock). he said he's about 95% sure this is the problem as it doesn't happen with 2 people in the car, so that furthers his suspisions that it is infact the shock.


2. I'm going mad. :D (too late for that i think...)

Basically, it's just gunna be annoying. It won't affect how the car drives or anything. But for peace of mind, I'm gunna try to pick up a replacement and get that fitted, see how it goes :)
I had a similar problem on a punto i used to own.
It would make a grinding sound when you took your foot off the gas and coasted but if you depressed the clutch it would dissappear!!:confused:
I hope thats not whats happening to you because it turned out the gearbox was f****d:bang: