Styling Just got my Marea handles

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Styling Just got my Marea handles


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Oct 8, 2006
Reading, Berkshire
I found some Marea handles in a scrappy, but couldn't get them off as I didn't have any of the right tools for the job, so asked nicely and the scrap yard removed them for me and I picked them up today, all 4 in dark metallic green so they will need rubbing down, priming and colour coding in heraldic blue. I know everyone says they are easy to fit, but are they really? and where will I be able to get the best colour match from?

yes they really are easy to fit, but its never as easy the first time, which is why its best to do it on a scrapyard car first so you dont make mistakes on your own car. i guess you nees aerosol spray cans, getting a good colour match is going to be difficult because good paint suppliers dont tend to sell aerosol cans, halfords do, but i know from experience that their heraldic blue is a lot darker than the fiat paint, but on handles it would probably look ok.