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Aug 8, 2003
derbyshire, United Kingdom.
i pick it up next friday. after giving my missus my sprint blue sporting in oct 2004, i realised i had made a mistake the next day when i saw her driving it and not me. since then i have had a 106xsi/saxo vts/impreza turbo/sportka and a laguna and none have i liked more than my sporting, so when i saw a sprint blue hgt for sale i had to have it. i pick it up next friday when we will get a few funny looks off the neighbours for having two blue puntos on the drive but at least i will own a car i really want.
I too have just got rid of my Sprint Blue Active sport and replaced it with a sprint blue sporting - everyone will think its the same car lol

Cant wait for it!
once you have had a sprint blue car no other colour comes close.
couldn't pick car up yesterday as the garage said when they was doing the service they found the wipers aren't working and have ordered some sort of motor for them it will be ready now on monday. touch wood
You'll love the HGT ;) I think the fact it looks very like the sporting is fab - gives a lot of people a bit of a shock!