Styling just bought punto and new to site

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Styling just bought punto and new to site


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Mar 7, 2006
i just bought an R reg punto 60 and was wondering if any of you experts out there had any ideas on some cheap mods just to make it stand out a little, thanks. (y)
H welcome to the forum and enjoy.
If you go into the Punto section and have a look at peoples galleries and read a few of the threads you will get hundreds of ideas it will be hard to decide:D

thanks will do that and maybe one day my punto will look as good as yours, very nice (y)
lol thanks for the suggestion dave but i think i'll pass thanks all the same lmao
Hey and welcome :)
hmm mods to punto :) check ne of my posts hehe like the me myself and screwdriver :) painted parts inside :) and now just got my undercar neons :) hehe
For cheap modding.. how about some GT alloys, and a 40 mm drop? Of course, a nice sound system is always good to have too... Maybe clear indicators/repeaters, a very cheap easy diy job (y)