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General Just bought a Cinq Sporting


Mar 4, 2005
As it says went out tonight to look for a car ended up coming home with a cinq sporting in broom yellow.

Few bits and pieces need sorting out but nothing too drastic just couple body repairs and general tidying up. Picked it up for £500. Probably cost me around another £150 to tidy it up. 12 months mot on it though 4 decent tyres etc didnt think i did too badly really.

Apart from that seems a nice little runner engines fairly pokey for a 1.1 never actually driven one until now. Just trying to fit my feet on the pedals were fun. i can press all 3 at the same time.

Mainly my dads just as a runabout for work but i've got thoughts going through my head about what could be done to it.
Know the feeling mate i went to look at a cinq sporting for sale with my mate last week and was just nosing really next thing i know impulling on the drive with it :eek:

well its got some BK alloys on it not a fan had the worst seat covers ever. Looks like a chav had owned it basically.

Only proble i had was fitting in it the seats just would not go back theres no handle or anything anywhere to move them there totally fixed. Which is a bit of a problem which im gonna have a look at tomorrow as i couldnt quite fit in it properly had my legs wrapped round the steering wheel it felt like.

Other than that think it just needs a service and a good clean.

Might pop down the scrappies and see whats down there if if theres any others down there i can nick a few parts from.

Just hope my sub and amps arrive early tomorrow morning so i had the rest of the day to play in the cinq. Its my dads work car really but im sure he wouldnt mind if we were to make it into something a little more fun he'd still drive to work everyday he wouldnt care.