Technical JTD rattling noise

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Technical JTD rattling noise

Sep 24, 2005
Kirkby in Ashfield
I have a Stilo JTD 115 Dynamic and I have noticed a rattling noise from the engine (sorry I cant be more specific, ill try and find out where from in the morning) when its warm and cold on idle. at first i put it down to a "FIAT" noise but I'm just wondering seeing as my car is still under warranty until july this year shall I take it back and get them to have a look or just dont worry about it?

Had this on an Alfa JTD I had for a weekend as a courtesy car. Was rather embarrasing when you went to pull away so I thought I'd take a look; ended up being the plastic engine cover! Took it off and the noise went, so lubed the rubber blocks, did it up properly and it went - told the FIAT garage too just to rub it in :D
Mine makes a rattle occasionally when warm & idling.

Have you dipped the clutch when it's doing this?

I have and the noise goes away so I assume it's simply the idler gear (?) in the gearbox.
Not sure if it's really a problem and not worried in my case as I'll be getting shot of the car when the warranty runs out.
When I press the clutch the noise goes away and also when im in 2nd gear at about 900rpm. I've had a listen and it does sound as though it coming from the gearbox, but I'm taking it for its 48k service in june (before the warranty runs out) so if they find anything it can be done under warranty. (y)