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Technical JTD Probs

Feb 21, 2006

i have a 02 stilo 1.9 jtd. just had my car remapped yesterday by angel tuning. my prob was that although the car runs fine last night as i came off the motorway sparks or more like ash was coming from the exhaust. left the car for an hour and run fine no sparks or ash but just worried what is was or if any1 has had the same prob.

I find that remapped cars can smoke a bit more - especially if it hasn't been run for a while, and then you start booting it :D

I wouldn't worry about it too much for now - or was it more than smoke?
was abit more than smoke but i think it was just soot just catching the exhaust and lit up for 2 sec. not doing it anymore. was chasing a pug gti 180 at the time so u could say i was giving it some. what a diffrence that remap makes though.
I am sure I read about the soot problems on a diesel when booting, if you drive the car at a normal (slugish pace)for a while the soot builds up, then when you boot it it blasts all the soot that has built up out the back.

The solution is drive your diesel fast all the time!
When I brought my Jtd a couple years back, I had sparks coming out the exhaust when travelling up the M5, while seeing what it was exactly capable of!

I put it down to the car sitting on a forecourt for a while, cos it only happened the once.
been ok now for 2 days. still abit more smoke than usual but so worth it for the extra power. just scared the hell out of me when it happened, thought my car was on fire.