JTD gearbox on a 2.0 20vT engine

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JTD gearbox on a 2.0 20vT engine


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Oct 3, 2018
So, a few days ago me and a friend of mine got our hands on one engine from turbo Kappa (same one as in coupe), still the gearbox seems to be quite different from the fiat ones, and so are axels. :confused:

Plan is to swap it into his Bravo, still..As there are no coupe's gearboxes around to find, we are thinking about fitting some of the JTD gearboxes (that would be nice especially because of the longer 5-th gear), but we couldnt find any info about possible fitment.

Anyone has any infos about it? Maybe a gearbox from Marea 2.4 jtd, or Alfa? Any help or hint would be welcome. (y)