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Sep 24, 2005
Kirkby in Ashfield
had a job interview today at available car in sutton in ashfield.

the job i applied for is a customer service helper but they also said about the possibility of me gettting a reception job.

the thing is the wages, I'm on £13k basic plus £1k overtime where I am now.

customer service helper is £10,500 basic plus anything upto £6-7k in bonuses but on average the wage is £15,000

reception job is £15,500 basic but you may get a small bonus.

if they offer me the customer service job I could potentially have a drop in wages (which I can't afford)

what do I do? :bang:
stay clear of anything customer facing in the motor industry. You may end up being just the punch bag dealing with customer issues that no one else wants to do. That can be very stressful and worth more than 15k. Suggest you decide what you are worth and look for jobs that pay that. If you are seriously looking for a job, have a look at various job sites so that you can get a feel for the going rate.
Service receptionist is the hardest job in any dealer or garage barr none.
One of ours got a call yesterday thanking them for the good service the customer had received she nearly cried, because its the first time somebody who was happy with the service called back to say thanks.

If you enjoy abuse because of something that isn't your fault go for it. ;)
15k these days is not a lot and I think you probably have different skills you didn't realise you had. Stuff doing stressful roles helping make someone else rich. Just have a look whats out there and have a look at what you are capable of. eg, I assume good at listening, empathising, confidence to deal with issues and come up with solutions. Have to work under pressure and to a deadline etc.

Look at job ads and see which use those key phrases. Bet there are some that pay more for less hassle.
thing is I've had an office job and find it VERY boring, I have thought about going to college to do mechanics but I can't afford to live off a part time wage and there are no colleges near me which do this kind of course around your current job.

I prefer more "hands on" work
life can be stressful when you dont know what you want to do, or what you can do. i cant help you figure it out, i'm just as lost in life.