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Job app question

Big Black Stilo

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Jun 3, 2004
Ooop North
I have to write a passage on how I dealt with a difficult subject and what skills I had used.

I have been trying to answer this for weeks and cant... I now need people to give me gentle prods to make my inadequate memory remember something I can use.

Can someone please prod me? (in a none rude way of course!)
What they are looking for in skills are Communication, Pacience, Profesionalism, Manners.

I had the same type of question and used an example of an agressive customer threatening Violence. I said i kept my voice calm, not rasing it stayed calm and patient, took him to on side first way from the rest of the customers which make him feel he is the only one i am interested in dealing with and allows the rest of the customers to get served. In my case the guy stormed off, and no answer i gave was good enough. He came back with his wife, and i offered a replacement meal (Working as manager in a Maccy's at the time) and all sorted. Bonus was the guy appologised before he left.

You jet gotta make sure you cover everything they are looking for, the job Description should tell you most of that.

Obviously i worded mine better, but said all the same things, and used a spell checker!